The Broken Scale

A small tavern opened up by a group of like-minded adventurers. If you like to relax and kick up your feet on a table before an open fireplace with a nice drink and decent food, "The Broken Scale" is the place to be!Open every Thursday
From 6:00 to 9:00 ST

Lavender Beds
Ward 11, Plot 6
Lich Server

Staff Members

Our dysfunctional group of adventurers.

Tankington Mctankton - Owner
After a massive head trauma he lost his memories. Now Tank is forging himself a new life with a brand new tavern and good comrades at his side.

Athos Gemini - Bartender
An old Veteran from the Bozjan Front and used to be a field surgeon. After loosing some close friends, He got sent back home soon after. But didn't really know what else to do if not taking care of people. Therefore when a ex-adventurer from the guild wanted to open a cafe, he told himself it was another way for him to take care of others, so he jumped in.

Shio'no Omo - Bouncer
An adventurer hailing from Ishgard who is aiding in the repair effort after the events of heavensward who part times as a bouncer for the broken scale, always happy to chat so long as your behaved in the bar.

Aki Grievous - Bartender
Once a watcher of his woods in Rak'tika "Helgi" left when the First was plunged into chaos when the light reigned supreme, unaware of how he got to the source, he travels to help anyway he can. Now he simply lives to entertain and chat with adventurers.

Asumi Takashima - Bar Wench
Married to Athos Gemini, she too, comes from the Bozjan front as a soldier. She arrives at The Broken Scale as a Tavern Wench, she's clearly unhinged but that doesn't stop her from being the best wench around.

Albedo - Waitress
A humble girl who's name is Albedo. After waking up in the new world she's been adventuring making a name for herself. She enjoys speaking with adventurers. Formerly an House Inspector Agent. Can't sit still for long due to lots of energy.


The Morbid drink:
Made with some white wine and a little secret ingredient, this drink requires a special chant to take its full effect. The phrase "ITS MORBIN' TIME" activates its secret powers!
(Ps. If you dont shout the phrase you are buying shots for all the customers.)
Price: 100 Gil
A Megapint of Wine:
Its just a big ol glass of wine!
Price: 70 Gil
The "Just fuck my shit up":
Bartender chooses 5 beverages that go into the cup.
Price: 75 Gil
The "@Everyone":
You buy shot for everyone! What a kind and caring person you are!
Price: 25 Gil for each shot
One Shot One Kill:
A favorite of the bars benefactors! A shot glass full of our strongest liquor and a special surprise in it!
Price: 50 Gil
The "Uuuuhhhhhh....":
You get a empty cup.
Price: 0 Gil
"The shots of the seventh dawn":
A course of seven different shots for your enjoyment!
Price: 120 Gil
Moogle shine:
A moonshine cocktails that is totally legal!
(Officers are not allowed to have this.)
Price: 120 Gil
(All the items are make believe, not actual gil, nor items is necessary to be traded upon, purchase)


This is the boring section, but it is a neccesity to give a fair chance for everyone to have a good time.1) Behave!
This means, you'll respect everyone else, as equals.
2) NSFW!
Is not tolerated within the venue!
Of course we're not able to monitor what goes on, in private chat channels such as /tell or /party, so whatever happens in there, is out of our hands.
3) The staff above others!
This means, what staff members say, is the way it is! IF you're in question about who the staff members are, click the neat button in the menu simply titled "Staff".
4) Be inclusive!
This is perhaps the most important rule, and also tends to be the hardest to follow, but, TRY and be inclusive to others, and reply to their approach in what would be a natural way for your character to do so.